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Nov. 1, 2003

The vote is IN for the 2 vs. 3 days a week and the winner is……………………….
THREE DAYS A WEEK! By a 9 to 3 vote (Not many people voted but hey ^_^O)
I have also revamped my archives…. One small problem… I can’t get my main archives page to work right. If anyone knows how to wok keenspace let me know! Thanks.
Not much to say and Raven is out side my window whining about my taking too long so I have to go. Talk to you all later! Bye! ^_~

Oct. 23, 2003

Guess what? I got a scanner!!! For this reason the Archives are now up and running! (check ‘em out). I also did the title for my Character Bios, but there are STILL no bios so… ^_^O heh hehe. The first story arch starts first comic of November! So keep an eye out for it! I’m planning on re-submitting my comic to all the local syndicates. It seems the other stories featuring little girls all crashed so there is an opening again. Plus with the rise of the popularity of the anime style… well. Wish me luck. ^_~



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